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Fight Like Apes

New Single Pretty Keen on Centrefolds out 8 May

New album Fight Like Apes out 15 May

After an epic wait following an incredibly successful Fund It campaign, Fight Like Apes have announced the release of their eponymous 3rd album. Due for release through Alcopop! Records on 15 May, this record is undeniably their best yet. There’s no shortage of the band’s trademark snarling chorus lines, acerbic wit and MayKay’s sublime vocals to keep the long-term fans happy, but the album also shimmers with a little something extra. That something looks set to catapult these stars of the underground well above the parapet.

Fight Like Apes have always known their way around a bona fide radio hit and there are plenty of those on this album, with a handful of tracks jostling for position in line to be THE must-play of Spring 2015. Songs like Pretty Keen on Centrefolds, I Am Not A Merryman and Pop Itch lead the way. Even during the gentler moments though, hit potential resonates with every note (Carousel, The Hunk and the Funpalace), with huge melodic moments coursing from every juddering synth, tumbling beat and vocal refrain.

Ah fuck it… We’re just gonna come out with it. This sounds like a number 1 album! The band have been busy. They’ve been busy writing, recording, planning. MayKay starred alongside Bressie in RTE’s Teenage Kicks. They have a tonne of brilliant live gigging tricks up their sleeves. All will be revealed sooooooon!


“An explosive and triumphant return” Sunday Business Post

“A head-spinning slice of twentysomething life” Hot Press

“This is their dirty heart, and it’s beating hard” The Sunday Tribune



1. I Am Not A Merryman

2. Crouching Bees

3. Pop Itch

4. The Schillaci Sequence

5. Didya

6. Numbnuts

7. Pretty Keen On Centrefolds

8. The Hunk and the Funpalace

9. I Don’t Want To Have To Mate With You

10. Baywatch Nights

11. Maevis Beacon Annihilation

12. Carousel


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