We Are Redhead | We Are Touring
We Are Redhead | We Are Touring
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Where Do We Go Now?

When you’re planning a tour local knowledge and timing is key! Where? When? Why? Where should you hit? What’s the most practical way to do it?  We have 10 years of experience in putting together tours for all kinds of bands. We can get you from A to B and on to C.



What Goes On Tour, Stays On…A Meticulously Planned Schedule

We have an extensive and deadly network of experienced professionals that we work with on a regular basis. We’ve got techs, engineers, drivers – all the people that will make your tour go as smoothly as possible. Need a great support act? We’ve got a hefty rolodex full of great acts. Plus, we can PR and tour manage the tour for you, too! Get in touch with us to talk about what you’re looking for and we can help.